Smart Closet


SmartCloset - your personal wardrobe manager app for Android
- Easy to administer: Make a photo of things you wear, tag them for a fast search option, and here you have it, wardrobe in a phone.
- Easier to check: Take a click at blouse you liked in the shop and check if it fits anything you have.
- Easier to know: Check up statistics on what items you wear the most, or which aren’t up to credit.
- Ask a friend: Unsure which top should you wear with that skirt? Or make it shorts? Ask a friend over MMS, e-mail.
- Plan it through: A business meeting at lunch, Romantic dinner in the evening and an all-night party with a friend? Don’t puzzle over – plan it. In diary with notes for events and item’s to wear.
- More features coming up…

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